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blow up 2008

Interesting debut for a trio training led by Daniele Faraotti, a musician of vast experience in the balance between cultured music (he graduated in guitar and composition), indie and song writing (he has among other things participated in the splendid avantgarde attempt of Patty Pravo "Ideogrammi" and the album "La scoperta dell'America" ​​by Claudio Lolli).
Daniele is a composer, arranger and also a versatile and virtuoso guitarist with a strong indie rock vein, largely contaminated by progressive temptations.

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und so writer 2008

The review will take place in six concerts and two debate meetings. The event will feature as protagonists some of the most interesting artists in the sector operating on the national territory, both young and with consolidated experience.
The main feature of the review, named“Und So Writer”new authors and new songs - will be to offer to an audience that we know vast but often overlooked, a first offer of what is the contemporary panorama of the song form in its most diverse stylistic and expressive characteristics.

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musicplus 2008

"Surely pop has generated an endless flow, you can even build your own little pond, but if the pond is not connected to the river, which in turn flows into the ocean, sooner or later it will dry up and become little more than a pissed and I lived too long to be happy with a puddle "Robert Wyatt.
Long-distance debut for Daniele Faraotti Band, a trio based in Bologna, who for this CD has made numerous collaborations, including Laura's feet that appear on the cover. Debut that mixes indie rock, progressive and vintage pop.

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la stampa 2008

"Und So Writer", born under the artistic direction of Marco Coppi and Daniele Faraotti, represents a rare and unique opportunity to put artists and the public in contact in an inorganic way, in an alternative context to the proposals of the traditional industrial market of music, helping to sustain and enliven a form of artistic expression that has always represented an important chapter in the field of cultural prosecutions. Bologna is already home to the International Center for Songwriters, led by Davide Rondoni and Lucio Dalla, who recently took life from the Center of Contemporary Poetry of the Bologna University, and the city does not cease to follow closely everything that moves around the song writing.

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blow up 2009

What You Don't Know More [CD Alka Records] 4t-20: 06. The Daniele Faraotti Band project is certainly one of the strongest, most creative and professional musical realities currently in action in Italy. This new business card in four pieces, poker room of all respect that combines progressive and Dadaist vein, jazz rock and anarchy of punk ancestry, as well as a solid songwriting inspiration that remains between the lines, but adds courage and weight specific to the lyrics.

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Monthly Bologna

«Music has always been part of my life. Already at six months I was magnetically attracted to the turntable. In adolescence, love for rock and antagonism was born with my father who listened to classical music above all. At that time I answered Rossini with Led Zeppelin. Then there was an exchange, he became passionate about my myths and I was struck by the arias of Stravinsky, Mahler and Beethoven for almost twenty years «.
Daniele Faraotti, born in Forlì and adopted Bolognese, today voice and guitar of the Faraotti Band with which he performs his songs, has always been an omnivorous listener and a devourer of notes.

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blow up 2012

Canzoni in salita – CD Bombanella/A Buzz Supreme – 10t – 44:33 For some years Daniele Faraotti has been carrying on his author's song contaminated by progressive and various other Anglo-Saxon influences. A much smaller number of people than the project deserves has been noticed by him so far and it is really a guilty neglect. If further confirmations are needed, our aim is to bring attention with this product of the highest craftsmanship, as self-referential as we like but splendid, in which an impressive sequence of art-rock songs, sung partly in English, partly in Italian, puts into field the usual imaginary composite, enriching with further maturity of nuances.

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rockerilla 2012

The fabric of the grimpeurs have it all, the three from Daniele Faraotti Band. It can be immediately understood from how they deal with the most challenging hairpin bends in the composition, the violent tears along a melodic path and the roughness presented by harmonies and rhythms straddling different genres and eras. That is with the vis post punk of the best Wires, the prog oestrus of the more mature Crimson, the unprejudiced rock-jazz vision of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the skewed meaning of the Faust’O author song. Agile and light even where they take on the responsibility of more articulated and complex arrangements, timbres (horns, theremin, cello) unusual for the geometry of three. The Mountain Grand Prix in the Tour of indie Italy has some serious suitors in them.

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rumore 2012

The note that spontaneously moves to the second album of the Bolognese trio led by the seasoned multi-instrumentalist Daniele Faraotti (former collaborator of Patty Pravo and Claudio Lolli), is that of wanting to compress too many genres and different languages ​​inside the same track, often in the same song : indie rock songs in Italian and Zappa study jokes, riffs and doodles prog between King Crimson and Gentle Giant, cultured classical scores and art rock at Radiohead, Beatles melodies via XTC and more.

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XL 2012

Uphill songs are like math. They are hard to digest. They love to complicate their lives between odd times, strange chords, endless rolling, bold descents and ascents. The more you listen to them, the more you feel sick.
If taken in large doses, they cause vertigo, faithful to the prog rock doctrine that loves to do big things. But they are not always presumptuous. They do not forget that their role is to excite.
The talented Faraotti is a devoted disciple, but not a fundamentalist. With his trio he agrees with Beatles, King Crimson and Radiohead with an enviable ease that would make John Lydon (Le cose, Uh mani) smile. Uphill songs that are not short of breath, but look away.

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blow up 2019

Guitarist Daniele Faraotti, former collaborator of the last Lolli and member of the Angelica Festival Orchestra in Bologna, built the (meta) songs of the new work around instinctive instrumental and vocal improvisations, with impromptu nonsense texts in an "aphasic English", tea towels then patiently finished and arranged in the studio with the help of various guests, trying not to lose the initial spontaneity.
The title-track starts from a toy drums loop, on which a painful Wyattian air unravels, I Got The Blues is a melancholic psych song provided with a delightful video based on micro-puppets (look for it on YouTube).

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