blow up 2019

English Aphasia - CD Creamcheese Records - 9t-45: 53
Author of a couple of contemptuous albums and as many ep with ascendants between the Beatles, psychedelia, prog and Canterburian music, guitarist Daniele Faraotti, former collaborator of the last Lolli and member of the Angelica Festival Orchestra in Bologna, built the (meta) songs of the new work around instinctive instrumental and vocal improvisations, with impromptu nonsense texts in an "aphasic English", canvases then patiently finished and arranged in the studio with the help of various guests, trying not to lose the initial spontaneity.
The title track starts from the loop of a toy drums, on which a painful Wyattian air unravels, I Got The Blues is a melancholy psych song provided with a delicious video based on micro-puppets (look for it on YouTube), Zawie III pays homage to Bowie and Sea Elephant , the only song in Italian, is a tantalizing "reverse remake" of the Lennonian I am the Walrus .
Intertwine pure quotations Joni George Igor And Me , while Between For A Day Trust test a build worlds "with a series of winding and meaningful melodic twists worthy of the best Andy Partridge (but inside there is also a pinch of Zappa, Runfgren, Fripp, Frisell and who knows how many others).
Aphasic songs but wisely aware of their history.
Vittore Baroni