blow up 2009

Ciò Che Non Sai Più [CD Aika Records] 4t- 20:06. The Daniele Faraotti Band project is certainly one of the strongest, most creative and professional musical realities currently in action in Italy. Even this new business card in four pieces, bowl a poker of aces of all respect that combines progressive and Dadaist vein, jazz rock and anarchy of punk ancestry, as well as a solid songwriting inspiration that remains between the lines, but adds courage and weight specific to the lyrics: visionary, courageous, meaningful.
Lonely A Dream (genial that "pesciolino mio, pesciolino mio" refrain) is the masterpiece, between Afterhours and Canterbury rock, but these twenty short minutes demand attention.
For once we do not turn away distracted shoulders.
Piergorgo Pardo