The note that spontaneously moves to the second album of the Bolognese trio led by the seasoned multi-instrumentalist Daniele Faraotti (former collaborator of Patty Pravo and Claudio Lolli), is that of wanting to compress too many genres and different languages ‚Äč‚Äčinside the same track, often in the same song : indie rock songs in Italian and Zappa study jokes, riffs and doodles prog between King Crimson and Gentle Giant, cultured classical scores and art rock at Radiohead, Beatles melodies via XTC and more. A sense of bewilderment was unavoidable to the first approach, but strangely the composite house of cards does not collapse under the weight of the post-modern pastiche, supported by an overflowing but true inspiration, as well as by undoubted technical skills (also of the rhythmic section of Enrico Mazzotti and Ernesto Geldes Illinois).
A Todd Rundgren from Romagna?
Vittore Baroni