und so writer 2008

The review will take place in six concerts and two debate meetings. The event will feature as protagonists some of the most interesting artists in the sector operating on the national territory, both young and with consolidated experience.
The main feature of the event, named "Und So Writer" - new authors and new songs - will be to offer an audience that we know is vast but often overlooked, a first offer of what is the contemporary panorama of the song form in its most diverse stylistic and expressive characteristics, in a field of creativity that goes from the Italian tradition to the vast contaminations with the international cultures and musical genres, up to its most innovative forms and open to original paths.
The artistic direction will be by the musicians Marco Coppi and Daniele Faraotti, active for a long time in music production and in the conception and organization of reviews, festivals and events related to musical culture in its various forms.

The song must be easy to listen to and its immediate usability
Never before in these last twenty years has there been a tedious uniformity of proposals, if only in what are the official circulation channels: radio, television, record labels (major).
The task and the merit of bringing to light significant and poorly aligned artists, ripping them off from anonymity, in some cases belongs to independent labels, which among many difficulties take charge (sometimes together with the artist) of the promotion and dissemination of the work . Und So Writer certainly does not propose to fill such a deep gap, but certainly to participate in a hoped-for rebirth. Revival of interest in artists who in daily research await an opportunity that enhances them and puts them in the attention of the public and operators.
An initiative that (we hope annually) will give authors the opportunity to listen to the work developed around the song and the expressive possibilities it still offers. An exhibition that will involve independent labels, festival directors and sector operators, admirers and lovers of the genre in various capacities, inviting them to participate in the activities related to the event, Italy is full of unreliable musical competitions, every artist would gladly avoid them if it was sometimes not the only occasion to be able to show one's work.
Und So Writer is not a competition, it is a moment of encounter with the song and its authors, it is a light that lights up, sideways to the official circuits, where a vast and very interesting musical reality is articulated. Impossible to show its extraordinary variety in its entirety, certainly opening up to it is the dream and hope of many .......
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