The absurdity is that I woke up this morning doing an ancient thought for me. Let's go by degrees. Do we agree that the song is an artistic expression that combines music and text? Music speaks to the hearts of people of any language. Ok so if you don't understand the text but you explain to me what you like about the song? He appreciates half of it, the atmospheres and that poor Christian singer-songwriter who has slammed his head on the wall for a month in search of the word to make the circle square? I would say that I do not work at all, as we have not understood anything about the whole text ... we have often not even heard it. Words become music ... mah! A few days ago I saw a concert by The Niro: beautiful as always, a voice that is not on this earth. Then a friend, outside, explodes in a fit of enthusiasm and tells me: "No, the unspoken of Buckley who sang before is creepy". And me: but did you understand what he is talking about? And she. No. Ok. But it is creepy.
So my friends, but what do we talk about when we say that we liked a record (a foreigner whose language we don't understand)? But have you ever read a book of poems in Russian? Or in Chinese? I don't know if I have been able to explain my brainy thought but here, I find that those like me (that is 90% of people) who do not understand English well, show a really incomplete taste to say the hypocritical music. If I do not understand that you are telling me, I only enjoy half of it, I am deeply bored. I have to have the written texts, translate them, if not boh, I read a poem in Russian and I will say that it is fantastic. Equal. Why did I tell you this brainy thought? Because I find this record by Daniele Faraotti brilliant. A winning weapon that I will often use from now on to put on the wall the herd of hypocrites who say they understand the songs. Well because he, if I did not understand (he was fine) made a record of English grammelot ... the philosophy of this work is wonderful: traces that leave main space to the notes, how to say, to the first drafts, to the improvisations, a voice which in fact does the verse English trying to capture melodic solutions, nonsense texts and improvised beat loops ... a brilliant record.
And in fact in the only track that I hear in Italian entitled Sea Elephant, an old 2005 engraving of his, now reworked in many aspects, decidedly Beatles, let me say it, although the text certainly has an underlying nonsense, however I still to a structure that codifies and makes me lose the fascination of the totally anarchic record and therefore free from rules and forecasts (also thanks to the arrangements and a bit the whole song that seems less "instinctive" and more "reasoned" than the others). English Aphasia teleports into absurd worlds, from the uncertain acoustic drafts of Vic Chesnutt to Beck's most visionary engravings, all without interruption, even whipping everything with a listening (which I think will have really matured) of healthy progressive 70s. Rock progressive English above all things. A record that I am afraid to praise too much, I am afraid of misunderstanding, a work that must be thoroughly investigated; one of those things that will challenge the broad hypocrisies and the aesthetics brought about by commerce. In short: let's stop before opening your mouth and doing the pedants. And I'm no less so, so beyond these surface lines, for now, I don't dare to say.
The last record I bought is the work of Luciano Cilio, I'm sure our Faraotti will know what I'm talking about. Therefore, thanks to this weakness for anarchist thoughts and avant-gardes, fascinated by the expression guided only by instinct and not by form, I am led to wonder how big the world behind English Aphasia is. In my opinion it is a brilliant record, but even here, as when digging the pit for other records, my thought leaves the time it finds and does not want to condemn or mythologize anyone. I just hope I didn't understand whistles for cicadas (which is much worse than confusing it for dungeons). Free ... there is also Claudio Lolli taught, always, even on his last record. And now I know very well that Daniele Faraotti knows what I'm talking about. Really a nice record.
Paolo Tocco