blow up 2008

Interesting debut for a trio training led by Daniele Faraotti, a musician of vast experience in the balance between cultured music (he graduated in guitar and composition), indie and song writing (he has among other things participated in the splendid avant-garde attempt by Patty Pravo "Ideogrammi" and the album "La scoperta dell'America" ​​by Claudio Lolli).
Daniele is a composer, arranger and also a versatile and virtuoso guitarist with a strong indie rock vein, largely contaminated by progressive temptations. To a dramatic and impetuous writing, close to the more incisive Afterhours, these songs marry contaminations Area, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno, revealing several times the stratified vastness of the author's background.
Poolshake impresses with its Yesian vocal incursions, Palico Panico for clever fiat counterpoints, Come si Fa and Non è Da Meno, for their skilled melange of Italian indies, ethnic contaminations, gentle giant phrases and Crimsonian hints height "Lark's Tongues in Aspic "; Ciò Che Non Sei Più is single of the marked arty substance, Old Dalmatian and Apostrophe 15 have Surrealism Picchio Dal Pozzo and tasty funky and jazz-rock digressions.
Then the two probable masterpieces of the disc stand out: La Maliconia Di Ireneo, a composite hyper-technical fantasy and open in dreams and clouds, an uncomfortable art-rock melody with iridescent swirls. Those who are not yet convinced will be able to hear the magnificent tribute to I'm The Walrus directly on the artist's suto.
A little discovery. (7/8)
Piergorgo Pardo